AMVNX Exchange Fall 2014 U.S. Education Opportunity Fairs in Vietnam

"Success and opportunity should not be limited by a country's borders."
Visit Vietnam's Most Important Cities on a Streamlined Education Fairs Tour

Join AMVN Exchange this fall for a fair tour hitting the major economic hubs of Vietnam. Designed with input from secondary schools, community colleges, universities and intensive English programs, AMVN Exchange's 2014 U.S. Education Opportunity Fairs will convene in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, providing admissions officials with a chance to extend throughout the country.

Keys to a Successful Education Fair
  • Location. It's clear: students living outside of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi want access to U.S. recruiters, and conversely, recruiters want to maintain a presence in these markets while striking out into new territory. This tour hits Hanoi and HCM while striking out into Da Nang.
  • Timing. Events must be scheduled to allow for parents to attend–that means weekends and evenings.
  • Marketing. Pre-event marketing across all media is essential. Radio, TV and print and online campaigns combine with outdoor advertising and in-school promotion by AMVNX counselors to blanket the student market in weeks leading up to the event.
  • Education Counselors. An interpreter can help you translate your words but only an education counselor can pinpoint prospective students and work with them and their families at our office after an event. AMVN Exchange employs nearly one dozen such counselors to suppot your efforts in-country.
  • Followup & Student Services. After the event, students need help preparing their admissions package and obtaining a visa. AMVN Exchange ensures students have access to these services and facilitates communication between students, families and admissions staff.
  • Size. Participation of U.S. schools should be limited to allow for carefully orchestrated marketing that benefits the group, reduces competition, and attracts quality students.
Smaller Fair, Bigger Impact

AMVN Exchange's fairs are capped at 30 U.S. schools per event so that there is little overlap between schools and that your message won't get lost in the crowd. AMVN Exchange works to ensure that each fair tour contains a diverse set of educational options to meet students' needs. By moving into new markets, you'll be one of the first institutions to establish a brand outside of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. These fairs are ideal for international recruiters working at any educational level; whether high school, an intensive English program, community college or university.

Benefits for Participating Schools
Participation includes everything your institution needs to ensure success and build your brand.
  • Pre- and post-event marketing campaigns conducted by AMVN Exchange.
  • Follow-up with highly prospective attendees by AMVN Exchange’s counselors after the event.
  • Personal interpreter at all events trained specifically about your institution.
  • Bi-monthly email recruiting update from AMVN Exchange regarding your school.
  • Inter-city transport provided via air and bus; included in your fee.
  • Translation of marketing materials.
  • Printing services in Vietnam to save on shipping costs.
  • Post-event promotion of your school at AMVN Exchange's Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi offices by bilingual U.S. Education Counselors.
  • Opportunities to meet parents–the real decision-makers.
  • Inclusion in AMVN Exchange's fair guide publication as well as its quarterly e-marketing campaigns.
  • Full list of student attendees at each venue complete with contact info.
  • Vietnemase high school tours geared to increase your understanding of the market and spread information to students who might have missed the fair.
Support Staff

AMVN Exchange will provide a large support staff of interpreters, ushers and counselors to assist hosting the fairs. Each U.S. representative will have a personal interpreter to accompany them at their table and during the fair. All Vietnamese staff and interpreters will receive school-specific training so that they can easily interact with fair attendees and clearly answer questions. Support staff will run registration tables, collect names and contact information for each student, and work the venue floor, engaging attendees in conversation and steering them toward the school that is the best fit. Support staff includes American and Vietnamese bilinguals who can assist U.S. representatives as required. Support staff will also handle setup and tear-down of the venues.

Counseling Staff: The AMVN Exchange Difference

Attend any other education fair in Vietnam and you’ll notice that when the lights go out and the doors shut, you’re left with no support. You fly home and wonder, “Did I make the connections I need? Will I start seeing applications soon?” With AMVN Exchange, you know we’ll be working on your behalf long after the fair. Our counselors will bring your enthusiasm to the followup conversations they have with the students you met at the fair. They will keep pulling on that first thread you found at the event, and follow it all the way to enrollment. Further, you will receive bi-monthly email updates from AMVN Exchange keeping you appraised of the recruiting process. That’s followup. That’s support. That’s the AMVN Exchange difference.

A Strong Market & A Growing Demand for U.S. Education

In 2004-05 there were about 140 students in higher education per 10,000 people in Vietnam, an increase of 30 percent from 2001-02. The government hopes to grow this number. In May 2008 the Education Ministry set a target of 200 students per 10,000 people by 2010, and 450 per 10,000 by 2020. Vietnam, however, suffers from a shortage of qualified faculty. Teaching posts at the 80+ universities and colleges that opened between 2006-2008 went vacant. The director of Harvard's Vietnam Economics Program has said that "Vietnam's higher education is highly dysfunctional." Vietnamese families are aware of the problem, and have turned their attention abroad. Today, the government is still promoting higher education and the economy is still expanding at 7% per year, but the lack of quality teachers persists. This vacancy in Vietnam gives U.S. schools the perfect opportunity to provide a solution.

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